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Press release: Bike Band Bonanza – 14th June

The UK’s first ever school Bike Band

Inspired by the Netherlands’ brass Bike Bands Oldfield Park Junior School will become the first school Bike Band in the UK when they cycle along the Two Tunnels Greenway on the 14th June. This exciting project came about when Judy Allies, (Director of Public Health Award Coordinator) brought together a diverse team to help set up a Bike Band with Oldfield Park Junior School in order that other local schools could learn from their experience and create their own Bike Bands. Judy Allies said: ‘The Bike Band Bonanza pulls together several aspects of the award’s positive health and well-being outcomes such as emotional health and well-being, physical activity and healthy eating’. Having completed their Bikeability cycle training and had bikes checked by mechanics provided by Cycle Instructor, all 60 year 5 pupils will make up the Bike Band and will cycle the 7 miles to Midford and back meeting the rest of the school at Bloomfield Space for a school community healthy picnic. 

The Bath and North East Somerset Music Service has written two songs especially for the school which will be sung by the cyclists accompanied by bells and drums. Rainer Dolz (Head of the Music Service) commented: “The experience of cycling, singing and playing music while promoting healthy life styles in a community celebration will, we hope, lead to more ‘bike band’ spectaculars around the country!”

The Bike Band will be joining forces with Wheels for All and their amazing range of adapted bikes, tricycles, hand and quad cycles to help transport the young musicians, singers and drummers through the Tunnels. The ride will be lead by the Council’s Cycling Development officer, Jim Imeson, who has been working with the school practicing using the adapted bikes with attached drums on the fantastic new cycling circuit at Odd Down funded by British Cycling.

Head teacher Marilyn Cole has been instrumental in turning this from an unusual idea into reality, she said: “We have been connected with The Two Tunnels Project since 2010 when Year 3 went behind the fencing to see the tunnels filled with clay.  I am delighted that three years later Year 5 will be cycling through the tunnels, in mass whilst playing instruments and singing.  It will be a wonderful community event”. Year 5 teacher Caroline Smart very much agrees “I think the Bike Band Bonanza is a fantastic idea and we are very privileged to be part of this project.  The children are thoroughly enjoying learning their bike songs, designing bonanza logos and having their cycling training.   We all can’t wait for the event on 14th June!” 


The Oldfield Park Junior School children have been busy learning the songs and practicing their cycling skills, Ella from year 5 said: “I am excited because I have never cycled and played instruments at the same time through a tunnel” and Danniella, also from year 5, commented “It’s going to be great because we are the first to do a bike band in the UK!”


The school has been working closely with Charlotte Musgrove (Food for Life manager) to make sure the day is a real tasty success “The picnic will incorporate a smoothie bike to combine the theme of cycling and physical activity with healthy eating, allowing children to use their pedal power to make a tasty fruit smoothie using local, seasonal and organic fruit!”

Ex-Somerset and Dorset Steam Engine Fireman John Sawyer, who was based at the Bath Green Park Depot in the early 1960s, will talk to the pupils during the picnic  about the history of the tunnels with some of his colleagues. John recalls “The tunnels were quite horrendous on a Steam Engine although the Combe Down tunnel was the more frightening of the two because there were no ventilation shafts, it did have a claustrophobic effect for the Engine Crews and they had to suffer extreme heat, hot steam and inhale smoke”.

Lucy Rae (Director of Public Health Award Coordinator for Early Years) is working with Stepping Stones Preschool next to Oldfield Park Junior School. The preschool children are also learning the song written by the Music Service and plan to see off the cyclists from school by singing the song on the playground at the start of the ride. The setting is looking forward to using the school playground with balance bikes and scooters as part of their physical activity provision after the event. 

The whole school will be at the Bloomfield Space at 11:30am on the 14th June to perform their Bike Band songs to parents, Councillors and the press! In recognition of Bike Bands originating from the Netherlands the Bike Band will all be wearing special bright orange T-shirts, caps and bands so there will be no missing them!

Notes for editors:

The Bike Band (60 year 5 pupils) will arrive at the Bloomfield side of the Devonshire Tunnel at 11:30am for photos, they will then join the rest of the school just off the Two Tunnels Greenway on the Lower west side of Bloomfield Space (near to Bloomfield Road, Bear Flat) at 11:40 for a whole school performance of their songs. If it is raining heavily this whole school performance and picnic will take place back at the school.

Any questions please contact:

Jim Imeson, Cycling Development officer, Bath and North East Somerset council, 07530 263424,

Oldfield Park Junior School - Marilyn Cole, Head of Oldfield Park Junior School

Rainer Dolz, Head of Music service in Bath and North East Somerset Council, 01225 395110 

Wheels for All is the Council’s inclusive cycling scheme that offers cycling opportunities to children and adults with disabilities and differing needs. For more information visit: or email 


Charlotte Musgrove | Bath & North East Somerset Programme Manager | Food for Life Partnership | Soil Association | M: 07500 874049 

The Food for Life Partnership works to transform school and community food culture across England.  Get involved with Celebrate & Share week, 13th – 17th May. 

Inspire others to cook, grow and eat fresh, local, seasonal and organic food

Judy Allies

Director of Public Health Award Coordinator

School Improvement and Achievement Service

People and Communities Department

Tel: 01225 394487 Fax: 01225 395147

Mobile: 07530 263052

The Director of Public Health Award is a health award for Bath and North East Somerset which recognises and rewards Early Years and educational settings that deliver positive health and well-being outcomes.

Lucy Rae, Director of Public Health Award Coordinator for Early Years, Bath and North east Somerset council, 07530263098. are the cycle training and Bikeability contractors for Bath and North East Somerset Council supplying free adult one to one and group training for all residents and free Bikeability courses for all schools and voluntary sector organisations on behalf of the Local Authority. Paul Lowe: 



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