NSIP Courses London July 14,15,21,22

NSIP Courses in London

Bikeability Video from DfT aimed at Parents

New bikeability promo video aimed at parents.  Designed to encourage them to enroll their children in Bikeability courses at their school.

BikeIt Schools sign up for free Cycle Training

We would just like to say thanks to Jim at Sustrans in B&NES for promoting our Bikeability Courses to the BikeIT schools within the Local Authority.
Partnership working Rocks!! 

'Dear Champions,

Bikeability Grant notes 2012-2015

The Dft have recently publish guidance notes concerning uses of bikeability training grants for Local Authorities for the finanical period starting 2012-15.

There a number of significant items CI would like to draw your attention to.

Grants are not available for London Boroughs.  However it is not clear what will happen to ssp's,or their sucessor organisations, within London that have received Bikeability Grants and if they will be able to continue?

Grants are paid on numbers attending rather than those achieving level 2.

NSIP Courses in London £300 pp - New dates in Jan and Mar 2012

NSIP Courses in London
New dates in Jan and Mar 2012
'Junction Drills incredibily well taught'
SDG consultant - ITO assessment

National Standard Instructor Training Course London 12-1
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs, Fri
3/4/5/6 January 2012

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