Haringey, Free Dr Bike Sessions, 2015

Haringey Summer of Cycling Dr Bike Sessions

Haringey Summer Cycling
Free Dr Bike


Finsbury Park, Priory Park & Lordship Rec
near Cafe


Haringey Easter Holiday Bikeability Courses - Finsbury Park & Lordship Rec

Haringey Easter Holiday Bikeability

Haringey Easter Holiday Bikeability Courses 

Finsbury Park

Haringey Cycle Training Homebase till receipt promo

Haringey CT Homebase Promo

If you shop at Homebase in Haringey between March and June 2015 you will see this ad on your till receipt. Rather a good idea we think.

All the booking details are here

Haringey Bicycle Maintenance Courses 2015

2015 Haringey Bike Maintenance Flyer

Learn how to look after your bike

Haringey Skyride for women - Sun 16th Nov & Sun 7th Dec, 2014


Skyride for Women

Sunday 16th of November, 8 am, Stonebridge Lock


Sunday 7th of December, 8 am, Stonebridge Lock


Haringey October Half Term Bikeability courses - Finsbury Park and Lordship Rec

Haringey October Half Term Bikeability courses

- Finsbury Park and Lordship Rec

Haringey October Half Term Finsbury Park, 2014

Breeze Rides,Haringey, October 2014

Breeze Rides October Haringey 2014

Tottenham Marshes Explorer

Saturday 4th October at 9.00am 

Cycling time Ride distance Suitable for Ride level

Haringey Summer Holiday Bikeability courses - Finsbury Park and Lordship Rec

Haringey Finsbury Park Bikeability Summer Holiday FlyerHaringey Summer Holiday Bikeability Courses -
Finsbury Park and Lordship Rec

Finsbury Park
Dates - 4/5/6/7 Aug, 2014
Location -  Ball Games Area, Finsbury Park, Endymion Road N4

Haringey Rangers

Haringey Rangers

Volunteer Cycle Rangers

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